Nana’s Banana Pudding

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3 packages of French Vanilla Instant Pudding

5 cups milk

8 ounces of sour cream

1 small container of Cool Whip

1 box of Vanilla wafers

6 Bananas


Utilizing a blender, combine as one the 3 bundles of pudding and the 5 cups of milk. Blend until thick (around 2 minutes).

Add the acrid cream and combine as one. Mix in the Cool Whip. (I utilize the blender for this part, as well.)

Line an enormous dish (I utilize a 9 x 13 glass skillet) with vanilla wafers, then, at that point, bananas and 1/2 of the pudding combination.

Rehash the layer of wafers, bananas and the remainder of the pudding combination.

I like to disintegrate a vanilla wafers on the tope to polish it off. Chill in cooler short-term.

Enjoy !

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